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Problem is - being a jack of all trades allows you to be master of none. Have no low out put for fuel pump,mag sensor and injectors. EIM TEC2 Electric Actuator with Model 500 Intelligence Made Simple (Model 500 Discontinued) For over 50 years, Emerson Actuation Technologies electric actuators have provided the process world with a customer-proven, reliable electric actuator control platform. I do have the manual and the software even though I do not show it here.

Please use the links in this section to find specific information and. Moderators: TimZ, Can an input sensor shut down the TEC 2? Emerson Global | Emerson. Forum Tools Search this Forum. XDI2 Users Manual; XDI Users Manual; Legacy Products. The Electromotive TecM is the perfect plug-n-play solution to replace the Motronic control unit in OBD1 E36 cars.

What separates Electromotive&39;s sophisticated Engine Control from those of other manufacturers, is its patented, industry leading Direct Fire Ignition system. TEC Power Harness: 4 fuses, 2 relays (for all TEC-3r and TECgt) 3 wire idle air control valve adaptor 3CM variable valve timing controler (for use with BMW dual vanos and like systems). Except for the display size or housing, the electronics are identical. ELECTROMOTIVE PRODUCT COMPARISON CHART Mazda Miata Plug and Play TEC-S and TEC-GT Kits TEC3r and TEC-GT Information XDI and XDI-2 Information. Model: OPTNIC3 Network Interface Card that plugs into the TEC. The Electromotive Tec3r has the power to handle larger engines and now comes with the updated WinTec4 software. This programming manual is valid for any model TEC system.

Electromotive&39;s newest version of the electromotive tec 2 manual ever increasingly popular WinTEC Calibration Software for TEC-1 and TEC-II products. I&39;m going to give that a try. 99 Add to cart; Ecotec Dry Sump pump Mount Bracket Kit. Electromotive said: TEC-II 8 cylinder The TEC II eight cylinder allows for easy fuel injection conversion on many projects, and since all Total Engine Control systems include an advanced distributorless ignition system, it has become a popular item on hot rod V-8 engines, where space in the engine compartment is limited. Technical Details With the patented, multiprocessor, high resolution Ignition that Electromotive is famous for as a core the Electromotive Tec3r is a heavyweight when it comes to Engine Management. All TEC3 ECU’s come with Manual, WinTEC Software and Communications Cable. Electromotive Group > Technical >. Products sold, but not manufactured, by Electromotive.

Everything we do is designed to maximize your street, track, off-road or marine performance. This unit has also been. No further changes should be necessary other than setting the position limits, and, if network controlled, setting a unique network address. Progress Rail s two-cycle engine manuals, medium-speed marine generator sets.

One of our members brought up a great question regarding Electromotive&39;s TEC manuals. nu Trackwork, Electromotive Marine Engines Manuals Printable in easy step and MTU, AS THE BOAT OWNER S. 11; TECgt Users Guide; TECm Users Guide; TECs Users Guide; TEC3 Installation and Calibration Manual; 200-series wiring pinout; TECgt200 V03 Manual; TECs200 electromotive tec 2 manual V01 Manual; XDI200 V01 Manual; Extreme Direct Ignition.

The manual says only the top green light should be on until cranking the engine. Other engine management systems typically claim to run ‘any ignition configuration’ you need. The two popular TEC units are the TEC GT and the TEC3r, both capable of using the new WinTEC4 software. I did notice on the electromotive forum that you can run the analog output from the AEM wideband to the tec2 using a small circuit. by nefarious ». I have used this on several different engines, so I probably have a setup that will get you going.

What&39;s On Your Mind? 2 2 Wiring connection Electromotive TEC GT, TEC S and TEC M ECUs have the CAN bus on its DB9 rear connector highlighted here below. However, the electromotive system offers something that MS and others do not. Product Description The XDi200 system represents the ultimate in ignition performance, reliability and control. I can even help with a startup program if you would like. Fuel Injectors $ 249. Here follows DB9 pinout as well as connector table. JSM, I did see that info on the manual but that number is for the non-heated sensor.

DB9 connector pin Pin function AiM cable label 1 CAN High CAN+ 4 CAN Low CAN-. The Electromotive Tec3 is no longer available and has been replaced by the Electromotive Tec3r. Yanmar has a vertical X-16 marine outboard engines worldwide. Only Electromotive delivers a patented ignition circuit with every product. I&39;m planning on using a heated sensor. With both the stand-alone "eXtreme Direct ignition" or XDi systems and the "Total Engine Control" aka TEC systems, Electromotive utilizes a 58-tooth crank trigger wheel. The best of basic telephone entry, with unmatched SES quality.

TECgt Manual Version 2. TEC Manual changes and additions. Many of our products have been in service for multiple decades. Thanks Ed Electromotive Tec 1 unit with one DFU.

Positioned as our flagship ECU, the TEC EVO incorporates all the hallmark advantages Electromotive systems have been known for over the years, such as industry leading ignition and rock solid reliability. TEC 3r Users Guide; TEC GT Users Guide; TEC M Users Guide; TEC S Users Guide; TEC 3; Installation and Calibration Manual; Extreme Direct Ignition. We’ve been achieving the ultimate in timing accuracy, spark duration and reliability for nearly 30 years! by dswalterwi ». With a cam-sensor, most 1,2,3,4 and 6 cylinders can be run in full sequential mode. Includes manual and software (not pictured.

This pc board allows connection to TCP/IP networks. Xdi-2, TEC-S, TEC-GT and TEC-3r may require other sensors below like MAP, CLT, MAT. · The TEC unit is a high performance aftermarket engine control module (ECM) which includes a very good ignition system (XDi). We also help support a user-created forum that might be a good place electromotive tec 2 manual to find some help as well. Threads in Forum: Electromotive TEC. All Basic Packages include: ECU, Harness, Coil Pack, Trigger Wheel and 1/2" Mag P/U. SPECIAL 3-PRODUCT DEMO: This video shows our 1987/95 Porsche® 928 Supercharger kit, our stainless steel Dual Performance Exhaust, and the Electromotive TecGT. Most ecu&39;s honor last value if they go off the row or columun, this one does not at the lower end and looks to.

New Features for WinTEC2 Calibration Software: Version 2. Terms and Conditions ELECTROMOTIVE, INC. PRODUCT WARRANTY Produce manufactured by Electromotive (XDi Ignitions and TEC ECUs) are built to last.

New Thread Subscribe. Rumor has it that Electromotive is working on a replacement for the TEC3r model. · Thanks for the info guys. If full data was not provided when ordering or if changes are needed, see the TEC2 Installation & Operation Manual. TEC-GT and TECS The Lower Cost alternative for 4 and 6 Cyl Applications With the patented, multiprocessor, high resolution Ignition that Electromotive is famous for as a core, and a new generation of micro-controller to manage integration, the TEC-GT may be slightly smaller, but it is definitely not a light weight when it comes to Engine. Good working condition. TEC-1, TEC-II and HPV-3b Installation and. TEC Card Access Modules may be used with existing Wiegand cards or other technologies which use Wiegand output.

Select Universal Trigger Wheel and Bracket (or Crank Trigger Kit) and Mag Sensor sold separately. * “CA” models include card reader access capability for 2 entrances, clock, calendar, modem, and TEC basic software. · My tec get is powering up with both lights on and green I have not been able to find any information on this situation. Serious performance and racing enthusiasts depend on XDi ignitions and TEC engine management systems. Related products. WinTEC2 brings the world of programmable Fuel Injection to Today&39;s Street and Hot Roders both Import and Domestic.

We offer a full range of online and in-house support for our re-sellers and users, including engineering, diagnostic & repair services and technical support. Electromotive Group > Introduction > General Discussion. The new TEC EVO represents the latest engine management system from Electromotive. 6 Replies 170 Views Last post by bjmckenz. Electromotive TecS Ignition Box.

If you have been around these systems long enough you know the TEC Manual changes and additions - Electromotive Group. Any one please help. 2 Welcom 2 Factory electromotive tec 2 manual Settings The actuator has been configured as specified in the order. The DNA of the Tec systems is solely designed around that system. Electromotive invented the 60-2 trigger set up. As of recently, the TEC3r&39;s are being shipped with an upgraded memory chip and WinTEC4 calibration software, this expanded memory chip may be retro-fitted to older TEC3. Cordless Telephone, Toy user manuals, operating guides & specifications.

Electromotive Group > Technical > TEC2. Where there are differences, a table will show those differences like this: 1 INTRODUCTION to the TEC SERIES TEC 10 The TEC 2 display message is: The TEC 10 display message is: PRESS TO VIEW DIRECTORY PRESS TO VIEW. Model: OPTK4DR Replaces the 2 card reader interface board with a 4 reader interface board Plug on Module. · At the end I meant to say this likely affects all Electromotive Tec and XDI boxes. The heart of all of the Tec systems are designed around the ultra high resolution ignition system that Electromotive invented 30+ years ago. Electromotive TEC Discussion of all Electromotive TEC systems.

Suitable boost control solenoid for the TEC 2. Electromotive TecGT Standalone ECU The Electromotive TecGT was designed specifically to handle the smaller, high-revving engines, where space is at a premium and ease of installation is only second to an absolute requirement for unrivaled performance from the Ignition and Fuel Delivery. View & download of more than 4140 VTech PDF user manuals, service manuals, operating guides. 8; 200-series wiring pinout; Legacy Products. Designed to interface with Electromotive WinTEC4 software platform, the XDi200 system provides all the flexibility and tune-ability found in our engine management systems and packages it as a dedicated, stand-alone ignition system. by CanAmKen ». Ecotec Wiring Harrness.

Designed to the same high standards as the TEC and CAT product lines, the TEC1’s come with a two year limited warranty. TEC-1, TEC-II, and HPV-3b Installation and Calibration Manual; HPV-1 Installation and Calibration Manual; HPX Installation and calibration Manual. XDi2 Users Manual; XDI-v1.

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