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Data recall button 3. Engineered to suite pro kart driver&39;s needs, MyChron4 2T allows you to acquire and keep under control two temperatures, coming from two thermocouples, two thermoresistors or one thermocouple and one thermoresistor, with the reliability, precision and design that made. Led AL1 temperature alarm 7.

It gives you a ton of fantastic feedback ranging from driving to chassis - the limiting factor becomes your ability to interpret it. Lightweight and waterproof, GPS Module Connects to Mychron 4 or Mychron 4/2T via Mychron Expansion (reference AC611. I have a mychron 4 that will not and has not ever read lap aim times.

Gear Calibration procedure ver. MyChron 4 has an inductive engine speed sensor for 2- and 4-stroke-engines and a lap timer which can alternatively be triggered by a magnetic strip, IR-transmitter or a GPS. MyChron 4 2T with lap time and temperature All kits include a revolutions per minute cable, 9V battery, Geman user manual, magnetic field sensor and two temperature sensors. The Mychron 5 Manual is available for download here. Rotary sensor, 0. The MyChron 5 2T features 2 temperature sensor inputs, which can be used to measure the following – water temperature, cylinder head temperature (CHT) / under spark or exhaust gas temperature (EGT). Menu and scroll button 4. To download the AIM s.

Via Cavalcanti,Cernusco S/N (MI) Italia Tel. MyChron5 pinout ver. concaved mounting collar Mounting bolt, 66mm, M6 (1mm) Allen wrench $. Comes with all the leads! BUY FROM OUR SHOP.

5 product ratings - AiM MyChron 5S GPS WiFi 4Gb Data. Paypal only and buyer to pay . Page 4 DISPLAY VIEW During the track session, the display view will change as shown in the following picture.

30mm) Steering belt 3-point L-mounting bracket 4-point base bracket 2-pc. I have the head temp end for this only. Values are linked following this calibration curve: • 0 counts – 0 Volt • 100 counts – 5 Volt.

com 4 1 – MyChron4 display MyChron4 display shows a lot of information. Both MyChron 4 and the optional E-box can be internally and externally powered. flattop1 Dawg 89. MyChron4 2T is the last evolution in the MyChron 4 range. Thanks to its modularity, MyChron4 can supply either beginners with the essential information and professionals with extremely detailed and sophisticated data.

4 – Setting 0-100 generic sensors (expert users only) This function manages custom sensors. MyChron4 is the most complete tool to sample, show and record the key-data of your kart. 25m, 719 4-pin/m Steering shaft cog (21. Delivered with a 2 ways data hub and "GPS Manager" software. MyChron Expansion User Manual Release 1. TFT DASH LOGGERS. E-mail me with any questions. MyChron 4 2T was recently sent to AIM and had updates done.

MyChron5/2T management using Race Studio 3 – User manual ver. 4 GB storage Gyroscope Lithium battery Technical data AiM MyChron5 2T - RPM Tapping inductive from the ignition cable Measuring range 0 up to 60. Power on button 2. User Manual Release 1. Thanks for looking.

Check out my other auctions. Jeff walks you through the installation, sensor connections, and configuration of an AiM Mychron 4 Kart Data Logger. Last edited:. AIM MYCHRON 5 2T AIM AIM MyChron 5 2T The AiM MyChron5 has a high-resolution graphical display for the indication of rpm, speed,lap times, gear, temperature (one or two with the MC5 2T), satellite reception and the data from the connected expansions as the lambda or MC-Expansion.

00 – French version. MyChron 2T Extension Cables This cable must be used with the MyChron 2T temperature sensors. AiM Tech is a world leader in motor sports and race data acquisition technology, manufacturing data loggers, digital displays, lap timers, stopwatches and gauges for performance and racing vehicles. AiM MyChron 5 2T Dash Logger w/GPS w/WiFi - aim mychron 4 2t manual 2 Temp Sensors Included; EGT and Water Sensor. The all new MyChron5 S is our latest game changing data logger for Kart Racing. Made in Italy www.

00 MyChron5 pinout ver. User manual FOR MXS AND MXG ver. The MyChron 5 unit is a multi-function system which logs and stores speed, lap times (including split and predictive), gear, temperature, rpm as well as data from the. 1 product rating - AiM MyChron 5 2T GPS WiFi Water Temp 4Gb Data Acquisition System Racing Lap Time. This is a Mychron 4 2T that I sent in and had AIM check it out( had a loose battery conection) they went through it and it works great. qxp_Layout 1 09/12/15 17:20 Pagina 1. com MyChron5 - MyChron5 2T USER GUIDE MANUALE IMPAGINATO.

95mm) Steering sensor cog (6. User Manual Release 1. This week we&39;re taking you through part 2 of the Mychron 5 go kart data logger series, showing you how to upload and analyse your data.

Internally powered versions need one 9 V battery, while externally powered versions needs an external 9-14,5 V power source (the kart battery for instance). MyChron5 for oval karts User guide ver. Karting&39;s favourite system just got better. Technical sheet and product history ver. 000 rpm Time measurement Triggering over infrared, manual or GPS Lap times without limits, up to 5 Split times Measuring accuracy 1/100 sec. Assuming that you already have a MyChron, the GPS is the single most useful thing that you can have on your kart. I know a lot of people who buy GPS units and say, "Oh, I&39;m going 63. The AIM MyChron 5 2T Dash Logger / Kart Lap Timer is a high-resolution graphical display with built in 10Hz GPS to sample, view and record kart engine parameters and lap data.

Fa otk kartcc rotax max jr 2hrs of running time mychron 4 2t. MyChron5 for oval. You have the ability to transfer the saved data (up to 3 hours, 1024 laps) with an AIM data key to the computer. They are 59" long and connect to the back of the gauge and into the temp.

The number of temperature inputs is the only difference between the MyChron 5 and this MyChron 5 2T. The Mychron 5S 2T Gauge boasts an improved, more accurate GPS receiver, faster processor, more memory and quicker WiFi data downloads compared to the first generation Mychron 5 2T gauge *Mychron 5T 2T Gauges are on backorder and will be shipped out as soon as possible in the order they are received*. Racing go kart tachs, scales, and sensors from the top brands including AIM (Mychron Tachs) and Digatron Tachs. A more powerful processor, making the MyChron 5 S 2T 2 times faster than the current MyChron and with much more memory, with more firmware features being developed. 123 W Seminole Ave Bushnell, FL 33513 USA Phone:Orders OnlyFax:. MyChron 5s 2T samples data related to two temperatures, coming from: Two thermocouples: to keep carburation under control. User manual ver.

See below for improvements: In blue and yellow the comparison between the old MyChron5 and the new MyChron5 2 TS GPS precision. Key Features: GPS frequency 25 Hz Internal 4 GB Battery 5 RGB Leds 2 Alarm LEDs Track Database Two satellite systems Water temperature Free race studio 3 download The GPS frequency has improved. MyChron5 2T pinout ver. aim mychron 4 2t manual MyChron 5 2T SKU: 27821 Aim Mychron5 GPS Laptimer with Sensor for Kart Racing, enters a totally new dimension: besides sampling all your kart data, the Mychron5 features all the advantages of a new concept GPS plus a lot of new functions, designed to provide more complete and reliable information. Calibration curve is already set and needs no calibration. To Purchase a MyChron 4 Data Logger, vis. As a standalone unit, MyChron4 660 records Engine RPM, Wheel Speed in MPH (calculated by jack shaft RPM and final drive ratio), Exhaust Gas Temperature, Cylinder Head Temperature. Power off and scroll button 5.

Especially engineered aim mychron 4 2t manual for the most demanding racers, MyChron 5s 2T permits you to monitor your kart performances by controlling two engine temperatures instead of one. Here below they are explained in detail. MyChron4 660 is a modular, expandable system: a most complete instrument to sample, view and record all data concerning your jr. MyChron 4, can also be powered by a magnet.

If MyChron4 2T is connected to an eBox unit, the available temperatures will be four but you&39;ll have to link manually two temperatures of your choice to the two leds available. Power supply options ver. Temperature: 711-7. AIM Store by memotec Messtechnik | Bauwaldstrasse 1 | D-75031.

049) or Data Hubs (references AC611. MYCHRON EXPANSION: The channel multiplier improving MyChron4 and MyChron4 2T performances, thanks to four additional channels and a further connector for the CAN bus. comes with the pick up and the RPM line and clip. 5obo All prices plus shipping. Expansion: 711-5. Analogue channels Only over MyChron Expansion.

Aim Documentation & Manuals. 2 out of 5 stars 6. I emailed Aim but just wondering if there is a simple fix that I&39;m missing. MyChron 4 2T has two temperatures, revolution per minute, laptime and CAN input.

Aim mychron 4 2t manual

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